About Mermaid Enterprises

paula5Paula Parenzano, a leader in the natural products industry, has achieved vast growth for all of the principles that she represents. Paula has extensive knowledge of sales having worked for companies such as Zia Natural Skincare, Superior Source Vitamins, Logocos, Estee Lauder, Yves Saint Laurent, as well as La Prairie; bringing a wide – array of talent and expertise to service your companies needs. Paula has hand picked her team of sales representatives and support people that truly reflect excellence.

Mermaid Enterprises is committed to providing the best service in representing natural products in the industry.

With a strong background in sales, Mermaid Enterprises is able to impart a strong commitment to customer service for your clients. We represent only a small number of lines, which enables us to coddle and pamper the lines we choose to represent. Achieving top sales year after year!